Who We Are

Kerr Pumps and FlowValve are located in the same manufacturing facility in Sulphur, Oklahoma. We pride ourselves on being an American company. From the raw materials through the entire machining process, one hundred percent of our parts are manufactured in the United States. Kerr Pumps was founded in 1946, and has manufactured high pressure positive displacement pumps ever since. We serve a diverse industry with our standard line, including pumps that run at 11 to 625 horsepower. Kerr Pumps’ well service line includes 600 to 2,800 horsepower pumps that are geared for cementing, double pumper, hydraulic fracturing and reversing units. FlowValve was added in 2007, and manufactures a full line of high pressure flow line equipment. Since 1996, we have doubled in size every three years. Today, Kerr Pumps and FlowValve employ over 200 people in a 202,000 square foot manufacturing facility, housing 184 computer numerical control (CNC) machines. Our incredible growth has been the direct result of providing value to our customers through offering quality products.

This blog is dedicated to keeping you up to date on what Kerr Pumps and FlowValve are doing currently.


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