Kerr Pumps and FlowValve at the Oil Show

This summer and fall, Kerr Pumps and FlowValve were able to attend three very good shows, two for the first time and one per tradition, to showcase new products and technology to our friends in the oil and gas industry.  All over the state of Texas we went to promote our pumps and red iron.

Starting in Fort Worth, we exhibited at the DUG Permian Basin conference and exhibition, put on by Hart Energy in May. It was the first time that Kerr Pumps and FlowValve had participated in this show, and it was a definite success.

DSC01780Being able to meet face-to-face with current customers and new prospects made the difference for us at the DUG Permian. Our focus at the Fort Worth show was to introduce our new technology. This is the patented process that all but eliminates error in our machining process. Developed in house by Kerr Pumps and FlowValve over two years with our best programmers, PQC with iPAR is as state-of-the-art as there is when in CNC machining. To learn about this incredible system, click here.

Our next stop was a few months later in a very similar show, also hosted by Hart Energy. This time it was in the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas for the DUG Eagle Ford conference and exhibition in the middle of September. It was another show that went very well for the company. Again focusing on PQC with iPAR, along with some of our other products, including the QWS2500HD frac pump. At 2,500 horsepower and over 17,000 PSI, it is the largest of the Kerr Pumps Well Service line. We decided to continue the focus on this pump because it is an amazing machine, and also to show that Kerr Pumps has indeed expanded past our Classic series that was started in 1946. Even though we have made larger pumps for the better part of a decade, many in the oil and gas industry still only associate Kerr with one of our lines, not knowing that we have three incredible lines of pumps from 5  to 2,500 horsepower, as well as replacement parts. The DUG Eagle Ford show was a great avenue to remind the professionals that attended the show what all Kerr Pumps can do!

Fluid end croppedThe last show of 2014 was the largest both for Kerr Pumps and FlowValve, and as far as the number of attendees and exhibitors at the show. It was also the only show of the year that we have participated in before. We traveled to Odessa, Texas for the Permian Basin International Oil Show (PBIOS) in mid-October. This three day exhibition is one of the largest shows in the world. According to a man named Bob wearing a directors tag, the PBIOS is the 40th largest show of any kind in the world. This being said, it ranks high on the oil and gas industry scales for sure. We showcased the newest product in October, Super Stainless fluid ends. This proprietary metal is sold only by Kerr Pumps, and has amazing mechanical properties that make it significantly better than even 17-4 stainless steel when pumping abrasive material.

We also put special emphasis on FlowValve in both our outside and inside booths. One of our tables was dedicated to our Plug Valves and plug valve insert kits. FlowValve manufactures and entire line of high pressure flow line and fittings. Outside showcased the swivels and flow line along with the plug valves. Plug Valve, Swivel and flow line stand

The plug valves specifically are 2, 3 and 4 inch sizes, and are machined using the PQC with iPAR system, so they are machined amazingly precise.

Over all, these three shows were a success, and we look forward to working with the PBIOS and Hart Energy at future events.

Kerr Pumps and FlowValve at the Oil Show