HAAS No. 41 NASCAR- We’re on it!

Mark, Jake and Charlie with car


ReFull car drivers sidecently, HAAS Automation surprised FlowValve and Kerr Pumps by adding our name to the Stewart-Haas Racing’s No. 41 Chevrolet for the NASCAR 2014 Sprint Cup season. This car is driven by Kurt Busch, who joined Stewart-Haas Racing in 2014.


In the last few several years, Kerr Pumps and FlowValve have grown dramatically in the number of employees, square footage, machines, production and sales. With this growth and increased demand, there has been a strong relationship with many CNC machine manufacturers.

Kurt Bush leaning against carOne of the strongest working relationships in this growth has been with Haas Automation, from whom many of our new CNC machines have come. This is the reason behind the honor of being part of the wrap of the Chevy racecar.

It was also members of the Haas Automation team that when visiting our facility said they had never seen anything as innovative as Kerr Pumps and FlowValve’s patented PQC with iPAR system. It is a quality control system that takes the human error out of the machining process. It is an amazing system, and it was encouraging to know that it is not just us here at Kerr and FlowValve that think so, but also someone who deals with CNC machines every day and has seen it all.

A big thank you to all at Stewart-Haas Racing for this surprise!


HAAS No. 41 NASCAR- We’re on it!

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